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// Three courses, two new faces and a little arrival!//

Hi there, and welcome to the In Your Own Skin Summer Newsletter!

The year so far has seen some great stuff happening, including three courses held in Manchester, two new facilitators and news of a baby! 

Read on to find out more… 

Course news!

Excitingly, since February we have been running courses back to back up until the summer break! The courses have been well subscribed and have attracted a wide variety of women of different ages, backgrounds, faiths, and occupations. The common purposes bringing the women to the courses have been for the women to make quality time for themselves, to gain confidence, to improve self esteem, to create intentional and purposeful friendships, and to take time to evaluate life and have space to dream again.

Many of the women have given us fantastic feedback throughout, and have really appreciated the time to explore their identity, values, and aspirations, with one participant  saying; “I think every single woman would benefit from this course”.

A big congratulations to all the women who have taken part and completed the course this year- we wish you all the best with your future dreams and goals!

New faces

This year has seen two new faces join the In Your Own Skin team, to co-facilitate the courses with me. Ruth Bromley and Kath McKie both came along to the course in February 2012 as delegates, and enjoyed it so much that they decided to train to run the course this year!

Both Ruth and Kath have been fabulous additions to the team, bringing their professional expertise in the fields of mental health and social work to the course, as well as their passion for health, well being, and community among women.

It has been a great opportunity and a real pleasure to work alongside them both this year. Thank you ladies, you have helped to equip and inspire many! 

And finally…

I am expecting our first child, due the beginning of October! This is very exciting and am looking forward to meeting our little arrival in the next few weeks! This will mean I’ll be taking some time away from running In Your Own Skin, and facilitating courses for the foreseeable future.

I have absolutely loved running the courses over the past couple of years, they have been such a privilege to be a part of. Myself and those who I have run the course with have been truly inspired, challenged and encouraged by the women who we have met along the way, and their stories of freedom and transformation. I hope to return after maternity leave to continue to deliver In Your Own Skin across Manchester, will keep you posted in 2014! Hannah x

// "I have hope for the future and a new strength…"//

New year, new start, new strength… This is the story of one of our course delegates who has just completed the new eight week In Your Own Skin course, which started in February. Her courageous choice to seek out In Your Own Skin to help with her depression allowed her to find inspiration for herself, and become an inspiration for others. Here, she shares her experience…

"I was lucky enough to be invited to the Spring course by a friend who realised it would be perfect to help me with my depression. Overnight we were both booked on, getting the last two spaces and joining the group the very next day… perfect timing or what! 

Although I had been telling myself to stop eating cake (after a few months of wedding and Christmas desserts), I was delighted to see an array of cakes and tea greeting us (and beautiful smiling faces). As sessions went on, the cake disappeared faster, no hesitation- we were definitely comfortable around each other! 

That’s what I loved most about our group, the trust we had in each other to share our stories and thoughts. To be trusted by others is such an amazing feeling, and really helped me feel my self worth. I have come away from the course with hope for the future and a new strength, not only to keep going but to do more, like I used to. 

One of the things someone said to me at the final session, was that I had a “passion and inspirational lift” that they hadn’t seen at the start, and I actually believed them. That was such a huge thing for me, as I was struggling to believe the ‘strong and determined’ attributes that others described me as in one of the earlier sessions. I knew I was determined, but couldn’t seem to get past a wall, no matter how hard I tried. 

Now I feel like I can deal with life and put my strength, determination and passion to good use, hopefully inspiring others as I go, and you wouldn’t have heard me saying that even a month ago.

For whatever reason you are here, you will get something from In Your Own Skin and most likely give something too. Take someone along who you think would benefit from some time about themselves, even if you find them inspirational, they may not know it.”

The next In Your Own Skin course starts next Wednesday evening, 10th April at Ivy Manchester, Didsbury. The course is almost fully booked, so don’t delay! Contact to book or for more information.

Thank you for supporting In Your Own Skin this year! Happy Christmas!

Thank you for supporting In Your Own Skin this year! Happy Christmas!

// Winter News and End of year round up!//

2012- WHAT A YEAR!

Hello! Wow, what a year it has been working on In Your Own Skin! This time last year, Jenny and I were very excited and looking forward to running our first course after piloting our initial ideas for the In Your Own Skin course, and now 12 months later things look a little different! As you may know, Jenny is now working full time in an incredible role at children’s charity, Barnados, and I (Hannah) split my time between running In Your Own Skin, vocal coaching and working as a singer, and doing voluntary bits!

Since February, In Your Own Skin has snowballed! Just last weekend, I held a celebratory brunch for those who had completed the course, and we spent some time listening to stories of those whose lives have been impacted by the course and the follow up community groups, called Skin Cells. It was great to get together with the women again, everyone felt very encouraged by meeting with those who had been on different courses but shared such similar life changing experiences, one woman commented that she felt ‘rejuvinated’ after the brunch, which was lovely to hear!

To encourage you as supporters, here’s a run down of just some of what In Your Own Skin has achieved this year!

43 Women have completed the IYOS course

4 Courses have been held since Feb 2012

3 Skin Cells are up and running, with the 4th due to start in Jan 2013

2 Taster sessions have been held for those interested in the course

2 New facilitators have been trained and have co-led the course with me

1 New course has been booked for 2013!



There have been lots of people asking about when the next course will be held…

The next In Your Own Skin course will run on Tuesday evenings in February at Ivy Manchester. Places are very limited as the course is designed to be ran in a small group, and courses always have great interest. For more information about the course, or to book yourself a place, please email

You might like to read some testimonials from those who have been on the course already and to hear a bit more about what happens on the course, you can find real life stories on our blog below…


Running IYOS has been such a fab experience this year! There has been such a diverse group of women- from students to Grandmas, and everyone in between! This year almost 50 women completed the course, many of whom have gone on to continue to foster their personal development in the follow up small groups, Skin Cells. It would be brilliant to make this fantastic opportunity available to more women in Manchester- If you are a part of a community group, work place, church, or group of friends who would benefit from the In Your Own Skin course, please get in touch!


A big thanks to everyone who has supported IYOS this year. There have been so many people supporting in lots of different ways! A special thanks to those who have supported IYOS in prayer over this year, and have attended the small prayer meetings, I am very grateful for your support. A big thanks also to those who have committed to supporting IYOS financially- be it sponsoring someone to attend the course, making a regular donation by standing order, or buy generous gift donations. You all have blessed IYOS and myself with your commitments of time, encouragement, resources and energy- THANK YOU!

If you would like to consider sponsoring a place for the next course, or supporting IYOS financially in 2013 please contact:


Just to say have a very merry Christmas, and a brilliantly happy New Year!

I’ll keep you posted with what 2013 has in store for In Your Own Skin in the Spring! 





"In Your Own Skin has made me think about my dreams… and my dreams have doubled in size…"

"In Your Own Skin has made me think about my dreams… and my dreams have doubled in size…"

// Autumn- A New Season!//

In Your Own Skin is back after the summer break, excitedly preparing for the Autumn’s new courses and events to help you rest, connect, re-charge, and dream.

In our Spring course this year, we had an amazing woman who joined the course not knowing really why she came, but left the course with an amazing dream…

“I signed up for the In your Own Skin course not knowing much about it, so I didn’t have any exceptions of it. However, I’m very glad I did sign up for it. This course felt like a mini life journey over seven weeks, and each week I got more excited about going.  

The atmosphere is created to be relaxed and welcoming with loads of cake, (if you are undecided whether to go, just go for the fabulous cakes!) and an amazing group of real and honest women.  

What I have found most valuable is discovering more of my personality. The parts of my personality that I (for many many years) thought was faulty, is actually pretty normal. In Your Own Skin has helped me embrace who I am, giving me more self-belief that I can conquer the world (if I really wanted too!). Hearing other fabulous ladies’ stories, which were at times hard and honest, made me realize that “your” story is so important, and it builds who you are and your core values and beliefs.

I have always been a “silver lining” sort of person, but after doing the In Your Own Skin course it really hit home that some of the situations that I have been in (some through choice, some not!) have made me who I am, and that every difficult situation can be turned round to make you stronger, wiser and passionate about something. I never really spent too much time looking at some of my past experiences in this way, and with the love and encouragement of In Your Own Skin, situations that once felt painful now feel like an opportunity to develop and this is very exciting! 

Overall since completing the course, my out-look on life has changed, I am more confident and I’m trying new things. I am now happier to be “me”. 

In Your Own Skin has made me think about my dreams and following the end of the course, my dreams have doubled in size! Although the dream I have is massive and has many obstacles, I am looking forward to the challenge and if it is the right thing then I will totally pull off this once in a lifetime dream.

Without In Your Own Skin I would have never believed I could do something so big, so thank you ladies, you are helping me develop my career path and in a few years I will be able to turn around to you and state “because of In Your Own Skin, you have managed to help hundreds of people whom you have never met”.”

In Your Own Skin will be running a new evening course this Autumn starting Wednesday 10th October in Didsbury, Manchester. Places fill up fast and courses are always fully booked, so to get in touch to book your place or for more information email!

Creative Focus Dream Future Discover Significant

Creative Focus Dream Future Discover Significant

// More than a Mum//

Recently, I’ve been hearing amazing stories from women who have completed the In Your Own Skin course, telling of how it has impacted their lives. Last month I posted the first (see the scrabble board!), and over the next few months I’ll be sharing more to encourage and inspire you…

“After having my second child I had a really low point, and my hormones

were all over the place after stopping breastfeeding. I remember

feeling really sad all the time and thought I’d never be happy again.

I don’t think I had post natal depression but I’d say that I was maybe

on the brink of it.

One evening I was out with family and I said to my sister-in-law “I’m

31 and I’ve accomplished everything I wanted out of life. I’m not

quite sure what to do with myself now.” She laughed at me and said

that I needed to dream more dreams!


I’ve always been creative and love making things on my sewing machine

but both time I’ve had children I have been fully focused on them and

have pushed my creativity to one side. I’m usually a big dreamer and

have new ideas every week, so for it all to fizzle out for a while when

I had children was obviously really hard for me.


I was just beginning to work through things when I heard that IYOS was

about to start. I went to the taster event and knew I had to be on the



The sessions were on a Sunday evening and were perfect for me as it

gave me a break once a week from the tea, bath, bed routine. It was so



The course helped me to see where I’d come from and how much I’d

accomplished already in my life. It also helped me to realise that I’m

not ‘just a mum’ but that I’m also an individual with lots of

potential. I was able to rediscover dreams that I’d forgotten about

and helped plan how I am going to accomplish them in the future.


I met up with one of my course friends recently and took my children

along too. It was really nice that they’d got to know me first, in a

grown up setting, without the children and it felt good that the my

children accompanied me rather than the other way around!


IYOS has been a really significant chapter in my life. It’s helped me

to understand myself better and refocus and set dreams for the future.

Not only that but it’s helped me understand other people better too

and given me more patience and compassion. And on top of that I’ve

also come out of the course with some lovely new friends! Thank you!”

In Your Own Skin: Spring/Summer- A great year so far!

In Your Own Skin: Spring/Summer- A great year so far!

// In Your Own Skin : Summer Update//



Back at Easter I wrote with news of our first course being completed!
Since then it’s been a whirlwind few months- grab a cuppa and catch up on what’s been happening…!

Course in demand! 

In February, we launched the first In Your Own Skin course after piloting it earlier last year. Since then, we have run two taster sessions and three courses across South Manchester, with a total of 36 women completing the course over the past 5 months! It’s been a fantastic few months and we have met and journeyed with some really inspiring women. Many of these women are now part of a Skin Cell- a small group set up to facilitate the In Your Own Skin community, continuing with creative personal development in an informal setting. 

A fond farewell…

As many of you know, Jenny Mort has been a vital part of In Your Own Skin from it’s early stages. Together we researched, created, dreamed, prayed and worked hard to devise the inital pilot of the In Your Own Skin course, and facilitated the first two courses of this year together.
With In Your Own Skin growing rapidly, Jenny has decided to take a step back from her IYOS commitments to concentrate on the incredible work she’s doing with Barnardo’s. We wish Jenny all the best in her amazing future ahead, changing the lives of many children and families! Go girl!

Welcome Caz!

As IYOS has been growing this year, I’ve needed a few helping hands! Back in February Caz Brader came along to the In Your Own Skin course and loved it! Her passion for women, community and a good laugh, along with her fab facilitation skills made her the perfect choice to train to run our latest course in Wilmslow. You may well see her soon running more courses in the near future!
If you would like information regarding training to be an In Your Own Skin course facilitator email:

Autumn Courses

There has been lots of interest in the upcoming courses, and we already have a waiting list! The next course will be run in the Autumn in the South Manchester area, dates tbc. If you would like to book a place or find out more information about the course, please see: 
or you can email us at:


I will be taking a break over August to do some travelling, as it will be all systems go in September when I’ll be running two more courses before Christmas! In the meantime, you can catch up on all the latest on our new look blog 

Thank you for all your encouragement and support in this amazing year so far! Have a great summer! Hannah x

What is In Your Own Skin…?

What is In Your Own Skin…?

// What is In Your Own Skin?//

Over the next few weeks, In Your Own Skin will be sharing stories from amazing women who have been on the In Your Own Skin course. These stories will encourage and inspire you, and give you an insight into the journey someone takes during the course.

Each woman will share for them, what makes In Your Own Skin so valuable and unique.

Here’s the first…

"The In Your Own Skin course gives you time; time to think, process and feel. Whether that’s feeling ‘ok’ or not, this is a place where you can just be honest and open! Amazing!

In Your Own Skin shows you that everyone has scars, hurts and hang ups- it’s what you do with them what matters. You have a choice; bury them, or process and learn from them, using it to strengthen you! It’s nice to know people haven’t got life ‘sorted’ and that we are all learning- it’s just best (and more fun) when you can learn together!

In Your Own Skin sessions are diverse and holistic, looking into different aspects of life and how we see and use it! In Your Own Skin is rare and unique, getting women together from different ages, occupations, and interests which is ace, as you wouldn’t normally get the chance to get together!

I guarantee you will be inspired, encouraged and grow from getting involved with In Your Own Skin! Community, cake and coffee- it’s top!!”

If you would like more information about the In Your Own Skin course or to find out how you can get involved in the project, email:

In Your Own Skin - Taster Session
Gorgeous treats provided by Chocolate Cake Cottage, Manchester

In Your Own Skin - Taster Session

Gorgeous treats provided by Chocolate Cake Cottage, Manchester

In Your Own Skin is a social enterprise with a desire to provide creative and therapeutic support to help rebuild individual lives and strengthen communities. The vision of In Your Own Skin is that men and women would love who they are, believe in their value, live out of all their potential, and thrive in healthy communities. With these core values, In Your Own Skin has designed a unique creative personal development programme, currently available to women. The course provides a safe space for women to explore the fullness of their potential, develop a richer and more resourceful life, learn practical tools for well being, and build great relationships. For more information, to book your place on a course, get connected with someone who you can to talk to, or to find out how you can get involved see: We'd love to hear from you!