// Some things are worth the wait…//

Waiting can be difficult. Frustrating. Tiring. Emotional even.

Being in that space of silence when you’re waiting for an answer, another way out, a familiar face, maybe it’s an end to something… All of this can be hard.

In this time you can feel all those things and more, you can work your mind so hard you get a headache trying to process everything, struggling to make things happen.

What if in this time you chose to rest instead?

How would it be to wait with a sense of ease, a feeling of peace, with an awakening in your mind and space for other things? What if you chose to put that to one side and decide it will happen in its own time? How would it feel to be at peace with what you’re waiting for…?

Sometimes there are things that are out of our control and the more we try, the less we achieve…

This week I received the first In Your Own short film. Watching it was so powerful and I was moved to tears. In that moment I realised the potential of that film, the films that are being edited, and the stories from inspirational people we are yet to capture. 

Working towards the launch of In Your Own Skin; dreaming, administrating, tweeting, meeting, blogging, phone calls, film making, traveling, course writing, emailing, and researching all amount to the same thing… In this life, some things are worth the wait. 

The first In Your Own Skin film is definitely one of them, it will be posted shortly- In the meantime here are some behind the scenes editing shots for you to have a sneak peek at…